Save Tolworth, Stop Tesco...

STOP PRESS: Tesco forced to withdraw application for Tolworth site after massive local objection! has been set up by Edward Davey MP in response to Tesco's planning application to build a superstore and 662 homes on the old MAFF and MoD site next to Tolworth Roundabout.

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STOP PRESS - Tesco gets "Bloody Nose"

See Surrey Comet for full details or follow this link to the article on line.

Additional public meeting 29th Nov 2006

Local people in Chelmsford are some of the many people campaigning across the country against Tesco's Post Office closure plans

Artist impression of the proposed development at the former MAFF and MoD site by Tolworth Roundabout.

There will be an additional public meeting on the 29th November at 7.30pm at Tolworth Girls School, Fullers Way North, Tolworth, KT6 7LQ. A streetmap is available from here. Doors open at 7.00pm, we recommend you arrive early to be assured a seat.


Why it matters

The decision will be made in terms of planning law, so we must focus on arguments such as -

Traffic. Tolworth roundabout is highly congested now. Even Tesco's traffic assessment suggests gridlock in Edward's view.

The Liberal Democrats won a campaign to stop a Homebase being built on the roundabout just a few years ago - a powerful precedent in our favour. They also successfully campaigned against the Bass development on the former MAFF and MoD site, which Bass were forced to withdraw due to opposition from transport authorities.

Pollution. The local air quality in Tolworth already exceeds maximum safe levels for pollutants (as laid down by the EU) like nitrogen dioxide that cause a range of health problems. Traffic from Tesco by their own admissions will make pollution much worse for Tolworth. One also wonders what effect this pollution would have on the residents of the 662 properties they intend to build?

Community Plan.  Kingston Council's development plan - a legal document - designates this site for housing and community use only.  Tesco's plans also break the Council's guidelines on housing density and do not provide enough affordable 3 and 4 bedroom properties that are desperately needed for local families.

"I hope the whole community can come together to campaign against this massive planning application", Edward Davey MP, Kingston and Surbiton constituency.

What can you do?

If you'd like to know more about some of the other concerns that people have about Tesco, check out the Tescopoly website at, including a page on Tolworth.

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